Tuesday, May 1, 2012

well... lol the carpet guys came and then told me they couldn't do it today. Since I had started to carpet clean and then called them. the floor was still damp and they said it has to be completely dry for them to come in... :( so... I have to wait at least 2 days but were gonna be busy so I probably have to wait til Monday! :( boo! lol :)

on a happier note my plants are doing great! lol :) the ones I started from seed

 This is one of 8 cucumber plants I started from seed :) in the newspaper pots I made
 these are beefsteak tomatoes :) also from seeds :)
 the white stuff is crushed egg shells  :) they give protein to the plants :)
 these are beefsteak also but they were started in the self watering thing :)
this one container has 3 seedlings in it and I need to pot them up to their own containers pronto! :) I'm gonna do that later today after I get the 2 liters :) I'll show you how I make them too :) there are 2 different ways to put the "wick" in so I'll show you both :) they are great! I'll use them and don't ever have to water until the water in the bottom is almost gone :) its great! pretty much put them in and forget about them! :) yeah! my favorite!

I had bought 2 tomato plants from Walmart (1 Roma and 1 Cherry) that are so far along! I started my seeds in march and they are just now like 3-4 inches tall... the ones I bought at Walmart must have been started in either December or January!!! they both already have a few buds on them! although the cherry tomato one isn't doing as well as the other... it was smaller and now I'm not sure if they hardened it off or not??? cause it's outside and the leaves are yellowish/brown :( I'm hoping this week it'll pop back to life... the Roma is doing fabulously tho! its much bigger and the leaves are super lush and beautiful dark green :)

So anyway :) I hope you have a fabulous day!

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