Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chocolate Chip Swirl Cake!

Chocolate Chip Swirl Cake!!!!

O my doesn't that look amazing!!!! I might even eat it! (I'm not a huge fan of chocolate)

It's pretty simple :)
The original recipe calls for a cake mix, but I didn't have one, so I made it from scratch :) turned out pretty good I might add :)
 Doesn't that look good? wow! :)

So I just made a normal cake mix and then added the syrup and chocolate chips :)

2 sticks of butter softened
1 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
4 eggs
2 cups flour
1 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
3/4 cup chocolate chips
 So first we cream the butter and sugar together for 4 min.

 then add eggs one at a time
 In a separate bowl mix all the dry ingredients
 Add it all at once
 Tada! doesn't that look succulent?!
 Makes me wanna eat the whole bowl!
 Now take a scoop or so (I did a mounding 2/3 cup) and set it aside
 Grease your pan. I use a Miracle Pan Release recipe that I found on Pinterest and it works amazingly well!!! Try it! super easy! and you'll never go back!
 I'm making a tiny one for my hubby cause he's so wonderful :)
 I just put a plop or 2 :)
 Spread it all out to the corners :)
 Remember that scoop we set aside? Good, now were gonna add 1/4 cup of chocolate syrup! :) Mix it up real good...
 And spread it over the top of the prepared pan.
 Drizzle more syrup in an"S" shape all over it and take a knife and swirl in the opposite direction that you drizzled the syrup... was that confusing? :) lol :) If you drizzled side to side, take the knife and slide it up and down to create the swirl pattern and then go side to side after... ya that was confusing...
 Add some more chocolate chips :) If you so desire that is... And stick it in the oven for 35 min or til the tooth pick comes out of the center clean :) O and in the mean time, we should wash the dishes we just used... lol :)
 The little one for my hubby... 
And the big one :) I'm still debating on frosting it... It looks so pretty I don't wanna cover it up, but half the fun of cake is the frosting!! Idk I'll decide later :)

Anyway I hope you have a fabulous day! :) Go make your own! And pray the calories to someone else! Other than me of course! :)

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