Friday, May 4, 2012

O my Gosh!!!!

So a friend of mine just asked me to do her wedding pics!!! YEAH!!!! I was supposed to do her engagement pictures, but just with timing and the wedding getting postponed multiple times it just didn't happen :( But now I get to do her WEDDING pics!!! ya you heard me! WEDDING PICS! I'm seriously on an "adrenaline high" while I'm typing this! lol :) Yeah! I have tons of ideas, and so little time! :)
here are some ideas I've had for a while...

*Disclaimer: None of these are my own pics! I got these from friends or the internet.*

 These are some of my friends wedding pictures
 Wes & Susan
another good friend of mine Emily & her hubby
another friend Jared and Morgan
my best friend Jolie :)
another friend Titus & Natalie :)

Anyway these are just a few of my many ideas that I have locked away in my brain! Can't wait to practice and see what magic I can capture! :) If you have any websites or ideas, be sure to tell me about them! :) I love new ideas!

Have a fabulous day!!!

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