Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Patching a rip in a skirt

 Hey! just wanted to show you really quick a patch job I just did :) the skirt was ankle length with 2 slits up both sides about to my knee. The one slit had ripped and I'd sewn it up and it ripped again, and so on and so forth lol :) it was just bad! LOL so I decided to shorten the skirt and make a patch out of the leftover piece :)
 This is the skirt in half so you can see the whole heart :) I also hemmed it. If you wanted to you could just stitch around the base and snip it to give it a frayed edge.
 you can see the previous zig-zag patch jobs that I'd done on both sides of this slit...
I sewed lines over the heart to give it support so that it was stuck on really well and wouldn't rip at the tip of the heart. It also kinda gives it texture which I like :)  O and I also snipped along the edge of the heart so as it gets washed and dried it'll fray all nice :)

anyway :) have a fabulous day! :)

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