Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sewing Projects :)

Hey! :) Remember the list of tutorials I showed you at that new blog? well today I tried 3 different ones :) of course I always add a twist cause I want my own spin on it, or its my inner rebel not wanting to do it that way (although I'm not sure which....)  lol :) 

So I made my version of the Flat Iron Case *Pictured Below*
(this obviously isn't mine, I'm using it for reference)

It went well :) I think I'll improvise the way I do it next time. (I didn't use binding cause I'm not a huge fan of it) 
 Now I know it's not as pretty but I still like it :) and I must say it does look better in person! :) lol :) the lighting in my sewing room is very "yellow-ish" lol :)

 I used a grey/white/yellow combo :)

This next time I try it, I will think it all out first rather than just jumping in with both feet :) I have an idea of how I think it will work better, but we shall see :) lol :) it still works and is functional but I'm a perfectionist when it comes to stuff I make. so... ya.... gonna try that one again :)

And then, I made the Travel Toiletries Wrap! *Pictured Below*
(Of course this one isn't mine either! lol)

But this one is!!! :)
 This is the outside... (it looks bubbly but it's actually sewn straight but I was lazy and didn't take out the stuff in the slots so it bubbled and didn't lay flat for the pic... lol :)
Rolled up :)
So now, instead of getting a plastic bag all wet and grimy (and potentially nasty) when we travel, now I can stick the stuff straight into the towel case thingy, and when we get home after our trip I can just throw it in the wash! :) *pa-fect da'ling!* :)

Stress free is the best way to go! :)

And, again, I didn't just have a towel or spare washcloth laying around that I could use for it, so I improvised and used a piece of terry cloth that I had in my sewing stash :) I also added a few extra "slots" for my husbands stuff too :) so I have 2 - 2" slots, a 3" slot and then 2 more 2" slots, so 5 total :) And I added a pretty piece of fabric (that matched my Flat Iron Case on top of the white terry cloth) and went to town :)

It was fun :)

And then of course I made this!!! Its a camera strap case :) yeah!!! :)

 And I added a little pocket for the lens cap :)
It was a lot of fun :) I made it a touch longer than the length of it so it would ruffle up a little bit :) And it turned out perfectly!!! :) I'm very pleased with it :)

Tomorrow hopefully I'll get a chance to practice and take some fun shots :) so we'll see :) 

Now I just need to make a camera bag... I hate carrying around a mini duffle bag with everything just thrown in... So I have an idea of what I wanna make but we shall see.... I may have to improvise it a tiny bit and make the bag itself a little wider... If I am successful I will surely give a tutorial...

And in case you were wondering, (cause I'm sure you all are...) I also took apart a pair of pants at pretty much every seem except the inner seem and crotch, and made it 4 sizes smaller for a lady friend. I took out the waist band which was part elastic/part flat, front panel pockets, hems, side seems; and the then took it all in, matched everything back up and put it all back together again! :) And started on a set of curtains for a guy's new place :) lol :) O, and yes I was late picking my hubby up from work at 3! :) lol!

But anyway :) I hope you all have a fabulous day! :) 

Lemme know if you have any amazing projects you worked on :) feel free to share a picture :) I'd love to see them :)

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