Saturday, May 19, 2012

Designing Wedding Programs

Well Hiya! I've been a busy little bee! :) I've been sewing like crazy, and cooking and cleaning! And today I've been working on a friends Wedding Programs! :) She was in my wedding in 2010 and now she's getting married in the next couple of weeks!!! :) so exciting!

This is her and her boyfriend (now fiance) at our wedding. Aren't they gorgeous!!!!

Well anyway, she asked me a while ago to make them and has been soooooooo busy this past summer that she hasn't had time to get me the info for the programs til last night! :) lol :) So I've worked on it a little last night and worked on it for a few more hours today and I've finished the rough draft!! :) yeah! :) 


inside :)

So we see what all comes of it :)

The damask symbol on the inside pages, I drew in Illustrator! It took forever and a day but it was well worth it! I love it! :) I think it turned out beautifully! :)

The program itself was designed in InDesign :) Boy do I love these programs!!! :) And Photoshop and Bridge too! Lets not forget those! :)

So we will see if she agrees with me :) lol :)
I wasn't given any specific colors yet so thats why its black and white. Easily changed tho :)

Anyway I just thought you might like to share in my excitement :)

Have a fabulous day! :)

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