Sunday, November 18, 2012

Diy Gel Manicure for a fraction of the cost!

Thats right you heard me!

A Gel Manicure That lasts at least 6 days!(Im still in the process so we'll see how long it will actually last!

I got a professional Gel Manicure in California a few months ago and I loved it! It lasted 8 days on me which is really good! My manicures usually only last a day or 2 at the most!

I had read a lot on Gel Manicures and wanted to try them out :) I researched the pros and cons and thought I'd give it a try! So I found a brand (Nailene) that had a diy uv gel manicure set. I searched everywhere for it! And while I was in Cali I found it in their Walmart! I didn't have the money at the time so I waited til I got home (MI) and when I saved up the $15 I went to our local Walmart and they didn't have it!!!! I searched at all the drug stores, Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, all of them! Even several different Walmarts! Unfortunately there were none to be found :(

I suppose I could've just ordered it online, but I had my mom buy it and send it to me (I repaid her of course!) And I tried it! It was trial and error but I figured out the way that works best for my nails and life style :) I couldn't use it just a base coat, because it pealed really bad. But If you put on your regular polish and let it dry almost completely, then add the gel topcoat, it worked marvelously! If you don'd let the regular polish dry almost completely, it will wrinkle under the gel. I'm not really sure why....

This Manicure has lasted 6 days without a single chip! That's really good for me! My manicures usually only last a day or 2 at best! Even professional ones! And as a bonus, they don't destroy your nails!!!!

You do have to use 100% acetone to remove them, but thats a minor con :)

Next I will be trying the "Gelish" brand of uv gel nail polish (the brand salons use) and see if there is much of a difference between the Nailene brand and the Gelish brand :) I bought it from this seller on ebay. Ill be sure to keep ya posted!

Btw, I did buy a uv lamp on ebay from this seller. I am very pleased with it and it has a timer button that automatically turns off the uv lamp so you don't have to stare at the clock :) it has a 2 min setting and a 3 min setting.

Anyway, have a fantabulous day!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Personalized wedding plates

I have a friend getting married in 2 days! How exciting! And I wanted to something special for them and I still wanted to be personal, without going super expensive!

So I decided to make a personalized plate with their names!


It's not as pretty as I wanted, (I'm a perfectionist, as I've mentioned before)

But I still love it! :)

But then I wanted to wrap it pretty, but didn't have a cute box, or cardboard to make one, and I didn't know what I was gonna do! O dear!

So I found some candy cane striped paper and cut a thin strip, wrapped some lace, and tied it all together with a white ribbon! :) What'd ya think?!

 I actually like how it turned out! :) You can't see the names under the paper, but that's ok :) I still need to make a little tag so they know who it's from and all that good stuff!

I ended up liking it so much I made one for us! Except I just used our Last Initial :)

Pretty right? LOVED how it turned out! :)

BTW, if your wondering how to do it, she gives an excellent tutorial!

I also did our name on a glass baking dish, but I'll show how to do that later! :)

Have a fantabulous day!

How to only have to buy fabric softner sheets once for 2 whole year!

 ya you read that right!

My mom used to do this when we were little and it would help stretch the dryer sheets to last longer!

With a family of 6, mom was always finding ways to save money!

It's pretty simple actually :)

we buy a box of 160 sheets for like $4 and....

Just cut them in half! then you have 320!!! and I've never had a load come out all stat-icy yet!

So it does work!

So if you do 2 loads a week for a year (104) you'll have plenty! If you do 3 loads (156) You still have plenty! Now I know you're probably thinking *If I just buy one with 160 sheets I won't have to buy one for a year!* But who doesn't love to save money?! 

Am I the only one? Well I don't think so! lol :) But do whatever you want! lol :)

Or you could buy the box with 80 sheets and cut it in half and have 160! It's totally up to you! :) I just love not having to buy them! :)

And it does work on large loads too! I hate doing laundry so I have a habit of trying to get everything in only 2 loads (my hubby and I) and I usually fill my machines up pretty full!

Thank the sweet Lord that we have a heavy duty washer and dryer for maximum capacity! :)

We were blessed to be able to get them both for $100! and we also got a fridge for $50!
So all our major appliances we got for $50 each! Pretty sure we've been blessed big time!

We'll have been married for 2 years in September! :) And I just had to buy more sheets today... Pretty awesome if I don't say so myself! :)

Anyway! Have a fantabulous day!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Homemade bagels :)

I'm in the process of trying my hand at homemade bagels! :) I'm thinking I should have made the bagel hole a little smaller... Maybe I'll make a ball next time and then just poke or cut a hole in it! Lol :)

Lemme know what you guys do!

Friday, August 17, 2012

We've officially moved!!!!

Sorry I've been so absent! We've been busily working trying to get our new house all fixed up so we could move in :) I'll be sure to show you pictures as we go :)

Anyway have a great day and well talk later!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Diy Off Brand Swiffer Mop Pads (Libman)

Well I've been experimenting with making some pads for my mop :) its like a Swiffer mop but a different brand... Libman is the name :)

I've been crocheting some and I even have a friend who's buying some for her swiffer mop :) (the dimensions are different but same idea :)

So wanna make some?

*Start with a slip stitch and chain 50.
*DC in the second chain from hook and *DC across.
*Faux DC (if you dot know how to do a faux double crochet go to YouTube and look it up) and DC across.
(for swiffer mops do 8 rows)
(for Libman mops do 10 rows)

Now you might have noticed its much longer than the mop head. That's on purpose! :) you're gonna center the mop head in the middle of your mop pad and fold over the edges. It'll make a little pocket on each side :)

Starting with the end of the row where your last DC was, SC through BOTH layers and continue across the length of the mop pastille you get to the next "pocket" SC through both layers til edge.

Now in the last stitch SC 3 times and across the back and up the other side same as the other side.

You'll have to finish the first pocket til you come to your first SC. Cut yarn, pull through, and weave in ends :) Tada!

I'll do a full picture tutorial later :)

But for now have a fantabulous day!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sally Hansen *hard as nails* powerful acrylic gel

Has anyone had any experience with this????
I love love love LOVE having my nails painted, but unfortunately I am super rough on my hands and it always chips like in as little as a day! sometimes it will last up to 3 but most not so much :(

I painted my nails (french tips) and put this stuff on over them... although I've been reading and people say it works better as a base coat and then paint like normal... so idk...

We shall see! 

I wanted to get "Shellac" but couldn't find it :( so I will be trying this and seeing how it works! hopefully it will help my nails feel stronger and the polish will last much longer! 

I have friend who gets the Shellac manicure and it lasts up to 5 weeks for her!

I don't expect this to last 5 weeks, but I would love it if it lasted at least up to 1! lol :)

I will keep you updated! :)

As of right now, my nails feel stronger (If that's possible) and they're super shinny! I love it! And I hope it lasts! :)

Anyway, leave me a comment if you have had any experience with this stuff and how you liked it and how long it lasted :)

Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Perfect Homemade McDonalds Carmel Frappe Recipe!!!!

O yes you read that right! :)

A homemade McDonalds frappe recipe that actually tastes like the real thing!!! :)

Just look at this goodness! Are you drooling yet?!
These are your ingredients... Milk, some kind of instant coffee, latte, or in my case cappuccino powder, sugar, and some coffee ice cubes (the coffee ice cubes are made by just pouring freshly brewed coffee into an ice cube tray and freezing it :)

BTW, this makes a size medium drink (16oz)

so one scoop of the instant coffee powder...
then add the ice cubes (depending on how strong your coffee is brewed will determine how many cubes you use... here I'm using 4 cause its not as strong of coffee, usually I use only 3)
Add your sugar, This is optional... I usually only add like a TBSP or so. It doesn't need much :)
add the milk till it reaches just under the 16oz mark you can see the line here...

if not heres the line with my finger. the 16oz line is just above my finger nail
You don't fill it all the way to the 16 oz mark or when it blends up it will be over the 16oz mark and won't all fit into your cup!

*the cup is just one I wash out after every use that I bought from McDonalds*

then blend it all up!
pour it into your 16oz cup...
add whipped cream and carmel and you're done!

O doesn't that look great!!!! Go enjoy!

If you like the mocha instead of carmel, try adding chocolate milk instead of just regular milk, or add chocolate syrup when you're blending it to give the chocolate flavor!

If you're like me and completely addicted to Carmel Frappe's from McDonalds but can't afford to drop a couple bucks on every 1, then this is the perfect solution! I went through a lot of recipes before I found this one! :) it's delish!

Anyway leave a comment if you enjoyed this and have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

more miche covers! :)

So last night I made these! and am looking for some lovely lady who is interested in them! :)
*Prices are listed with the individual covers*

($10) this one is reversible from the green, orange, blue, and white paisley to the plain green below...

this one is much darker red than this picture shows... :( it has a dark red double ruffle on black. its reversible as well but i don't have a picture of the inside... Its white with little ladybugs and hearts :) ($12.50)

this denim one is reversible and the inside is just solid denim with no fun stuff. ($10)

this one is a tan background with the big bow :) the picture makes it look like a muted grey but it really is tan! lol :) ($10)

this one is brown and cream with a ruffle :) this one sold already :)

Anyway just wanted to share them with you! :)

If you are interested in purchasing any of these do so quickly! Next week I will be sending them to a lady who is selling them for me in Cali! So anything that doesn't sell this week will be shipped out!

If you are interested leave a comment below and leave your email address and I'll give you my paypal account so you can send the money that way! :) Or our address if you'd prefer to send a check :)


And as always have a fabulous day! :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Michi bag covers :)

These are 2 reversible Michi bag covers I made tonight :) I already sold the yellow and grey one, and polka dot one just sold as of this moment lol :) they go quick!!! :) just thought I'd share :)

Have a fabulous day! :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Homemade laundry detergent :)

I just finished the first half of the laundry soap :) it has to sit uncovered overnight and then tomorrow I fill it up the rest of the way and it will be ready to go! Yeah!
Have a fabulous day!

Friday, June 15, 2012

"All Things Baby" items for sale :)

I had an etsy shop but it was too expensive for me to have all my stuff up there so I'm gonna sell it all instead on here!!! :)
This is only some of the stuff I have and I'm constantly sewing more! LOL ;)

shorts - $3 
pants - $3 
Pleated dress pants - $3 
 bandana shorts - $3
Summer dress from mens shirt - $3
Jumper - $3 
toddler strappy shirt - $3 
Diaper clutch straps - $3 each 
 toddler skirt - $3
Argyle Toddler skirt with 2 matching headbands - $5 
 Black and grey 0-6 month skirt - $3
Green Swirl skirt 0-3 months - $3 
 White toddler skirt - $3
Brown tiered toddler skirt - $3 
newborn stripped sun skirt - $3 
Solid Brown skirt - $3
Zebra top brown toddler skirt - $3 
Zebra bottom Toddler skirt - $3 
Squares toddler skirt - $3 
 Grey and white 3-6 months skirt - $3

 Newborn grey and pink Diaper cover with bow - $3
Pink and brown toddler diaper cover - $5 
Grey and purple ruffle butt diaper cover toddler - $5 
Pink and grey bib and burpcloth set - $5 
owls bib and burpcloth set - $5 
 yellow and black bib and burpcloth set - $5
Basketball bib and burpcloth set - $5 
 set of 5 baby washcloths - $3
 Green and brown burp cloth - $2
 blue burp cloth - $2
 pink and black heart bib and burp cloth set - $5
Grey and pink butterfly bib and burp cloth set - $5 
 Grey and pink butterfly bib and burp cloth set - $5
 bib and burp cloth set from mens shirt - $5
Patchwork bib - $3 
set of green and brown bibs - $5 
Monogrammed Baby quilt - $10 

 pink and white houndstooth heart crib blanket - $15
pink and teal flannel swaddling blanket - $10
pink and grey flannel swaddling blanket - $10 
green blue and brown flannel swaddling blanket - $10 
Newborn baby girl set:
Reversible dress, matching diaper cover, shoes, headband, diaper clutch strap, bib, on the go changing pad - $30 
Diaper cover with headband - $7 
 Polka dot diaper cover - $5
 hearts diaper cover - $5
 crocheted newborn red and white shoes - $5
Crocheted Newborn Newsboy cap with removable grey headband - $5  
Set of 5 pairs of reusable nursing pads - $10 

All hair accessories are $3 unless otherwise stated
 yellow feathered flower clip
 green and gold hair clip
 red black and white feather clip
 pink cluster flower clip
 blue pink brown flower clip
orange and purple flower set - $5 
Double trouble orange flower&feather clips - $5
 pink flower and tule clip
yellow flower black button 
orange ruffle flower clip 
 purple white feather clip
red flower button clip 
black white neutral clip 
pink and white feather clip 
white and pink flower clip 
jumbo red and white flower clip 
 single purple and gold flower clip
 pink flower, white feather clip
 yellow and black feather clip
purple and white jumbo flower clip 
 jumbo yellow flower grey button
 black and grey felt, feather clip
 pink flower, white feather clip
 orange and black feather clip
newborn crocheted boy sandals - $5 
girl camo newborn crocheted shoes - $5 
newborn camo strap brown crocheted shoes - $5 
White newborn crocheted shoes - $3 
Grey newborn crocheted shoes - $5

Shipping will be $3 for individual items and if you bundle stuff I will get in contact with you to let ya know how much it will be :)

If you are interested in any of these items please leave me a message in the comment section below :)

all of these were made by myself :)

I enjoyed making them immensely! If you are looking for a custom something for your little one or for a friends, I'd be more than happy to make it for you! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a fabulous day!