Friday, August 10, 2012

Diy Off Brand Swiffer Mop Pads (Libman)

Well I've been experimenting with making some pads for my mop :) its like a Swiffer mop but a different brand... Libman is the name :)

I've been crocheting some and I even have a friend who's buying some for her swiffer mop :) (the dimensions are different but same idea :)

So wanna make some?

*Start with a slip stitch and chain 50.
*DC in the second chain from hook and *DC across.
*Faux DC (if you dot know how to do a faux double crochet go to YouTube and look it up) and DC across.
(for swiffer mops do 8 rows)
(for Libman mops do 10 rows)

Now you might have noticed its much longer than the mop head. That's on purpose! :) you're gonna center the mop head in the middle of your mop pad and fold over the edges. It'll make a little pocket on each side :)

Starting with the end of the row where your last DC was, SC through BOTH layers and continue across the length of the mop pastille you get to the next "pocket" SC through both layers til edge.

Now in the last stitch SC 3 times and across the back and up the other side same as the other side.

You'll have to finish the first pocket til you come to your first SC. Cut yarn, pull through, and weave in ends :) Tada!

I'll do a full picture tutorial later :)

But for now have a fantabulous day!

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