Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to only have to buy fabric softner sheets once for 2 whole year!

 ya you read that right!

My mom used to do this when we were little and it would help stretch the dryer sheets to last longer!

With a family of 6, mom was always finding ways to save money!

It's pretty simple actually :)

we buy a box of 160 sheets for like $4 and....

Just cut them in half! then you have 320!!! and I've never had a load come out all stat-icy yet!

So it does work!

So if you do 2 loads a week for a year (104) you'll have plenty! If you do 3 loads (156) You still have plenty! Now I know you're probably thinking *If I just buy one with 160 sheets I won't have to buy one for a year!* But who doesn't love to save money?! 

Am I the only one? Well I don't think so! lol :) But do whatever you want! lol :)

Or you could buy the box with 80 sheets and cut it in half and have 160! It's totally up to you! :) I just love not having to buy them! :)

And it does work on large loads too! I hate doing laundry so I have a habit of trying to get everything in only 2 loads (my hubby and I) and I usually fill my machines up pretty full!

Thank the sweet Lord that we have a heavy duty washer and dryer for maximum capacity! :)

We were blessed to be able to get them both for $100! and we also got a fridge for $50!
So all our major appliances we got for $50 each! Pretty sure we've been blessed big time!

We'll have been married for 2 years in September! :) And I just had to buy more sheets today... Pretty awesome if I don't say so myself! :)

Anyway! Have a fantabulous day!

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