Monday, April 30, 2012

Whoooo! Who loves Mondays?! I do!!!! I always feel so productive on Mondays :) They make me happy!

Today, I have all the weekend clutter that has to be cleaned up :) Mondays are my cleaning days :) I carpet clean, do dishes, laundry, change the bed sheets, fold all the boring laundry... BOOO! Idk about you but I hate folding laundry... if I don't force myself it'll sit there all week! yes its that bad! lol I really  have to work on that :)

Well, we got a puppy last Christmas, and he wasn't house trained yet so there were lots of accidents... and we only had a cheapo vacuum too, so we would do the best we could but having a puppy and a poopy vacuum that didn't suck worth anything = a dirty smelly carpet... not a great outcome! lol :) so we bought a carpet cleaner and a good vacuum and the vacuum worked great!!! and our carpet cleaner is fabulous too! only problem... when you carpet clean it activates all the urine crystals that were deep down in the carpet that we couldn't get to with paper towels.... so for the last week no matter how much we carpet clean, the house smells like ammonia!!! and there was nothing that we tried that would get rid of the smell! we have at least 1 window open at all time along with 2 Sentsy plug ins! and nothing works!!!! so at my wits end i called Stanly's carpet cleaner place :) I cant wait! they'll be here from 6-9! im so excited!!! I hate these headaches from the smell! Thankfully Rascal is now house trained and very very rarely does he ever have an accident in the house :) yeah! so they're coming later and hopefully will take care of all the problems :) it makes me soooooo happy! :)

Anyway, what's on your list today? :) i always have a list, it keeps me on track and not too sidetracked :)

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