Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Little bit about me...

Well hey! I'm super excited to start this blog! I've always wanted to do a blog but have never had the courage to do it! I subscribe to A TON of them but never knew if I could be that interesting :) lol ! so here goes!

Right now I'm really into starting a garden and moving and baking and cooking and pretty much anything I find interesting! :) Today I made some brownies that I wasn't too sure if they were gonna taste to fabulous and they didn't so I tried again! :) this time I added oreos, then brownie mix, then chocolate chips, then chocolate syrup, and then a peanut butter mixy stuff and then more syrup and more chocolate chips! pretty much it was fabulous and everyone LOVED it! i had kids begging for more and parents drooling over them :) my treats never last very long! either my husband eats them or i give them away or... i bring them to church and they get devoured! I wish I had taken a picture... :( o well I'll be sure to take lots of pictures when I post stuff on here :)

I will be doing some tutorials on all the stuff I do also, cooking, sewing, crafts and more :) I love tutorial blogs and it always makes me smile when I learn something new :) 

I'll have to put up the pictures of the adorable baby shoes I made! they actually turned out and are super easy! a little tight with the smaller size to turn and such, but they were easy!!!! I made 2 pairs in less than an hour! :)

O, and all the little plants I started from seeds, and the rose bushes I just bought, and the 2 other tomato plants from walmart (I started a bunch of tomato plants and gave like 20 of them to a friend and then realized I only kept 4 Roma tomato plants for myself!) lol :) pretty much pictures of EVERYTHING!!!!

Anyway its late and I can hear my man snoring... or maybe its my puppy??? either way I need to get sleep... I have a busy day tomorrow and can't blog all night long... as much as I'd love to! :) I probably will be making some gummy snacks for the little people but we shall see how much time I end up with and see whether or not I can raise myself from the dead in the morning!

Sorry this is such a long post! so much to say and show you, but o so little time... Nighty night! Sweet dreams! and all that other fun "good-night-lingo" :)

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