Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pictures as promised :)

Well here they are! :) I just bought this pattern on etsy and I'm very pleased with it! it turned out really well! the first ones (the black and pink with all the flowers) were made with all the batting like it said, but it was really thick and harder to turn. But it does make the shoes more sturdy. The second pair I made with just the batting on the bottom and then just put interfacing on the heel and toe. I guess technically they could be reversible if you really wanted them to be cause the whole inside is lined... I guess its up to you :) They were fun :) I made them with scrap fabric from this set
reversible pinafore
it cris-crosses in the back

diaper cover strap (it holds 3 diapers and a travel wipes case)

reversible bib

on the go changing pad with soft terry cloth for cushion and absorbancy

although I realized that I used pink in the shoe instead of the orange... :( o well it still goes I think :) lol :)
O! It also has a headband :)

Anyway that's my set :) I am selling it if anyone is interested. The shoes, dress, diaper cover and headband are newborn - 3 months :) although the dress could be used as a shirt as the baby gets older :) Altogether with the changing pad, bib and diaper clutch strap and the outfit is $40 :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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