Friday, April 27, 2012

Thrift store jewels :)

Hey! remember the skirt I made from the pants? well I got that pair of pants from the thrift store for $2!!! ya i know! pure jumpinging-up-and-down-clapping-your-hands excitement! I also got some other great deals!
 look at all this bounty!!!! 10 skirts!
 I'm in love with all of them!
 This my dear friends is the crown jewels of the haul! absolute favorite!!!!
 this is another one I love! can anyone see the excitment-making thing? yep its still got the original price tag on it! and I paid $4.50 for it! woohooo! it looks kinda black but it really is a denim-ish kinda skirt :) i love it!
 then 5 pairs of pants

these will all soon grace me with a skirt :) lol :) I also got 2 pairs of red shoes for $2 each but they ended up being just a touch snug :( so I'll give them to a friend of mine :)

Anyway hope you guys can get to a thrift store soon and find your own fabulous deals!

Have a fantabulous day!

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