Friday, June 15, 2012

Reusable Nursing Pads Tutorial :)

Homemade Reusable Nursing Pads! :)

Not only do you not have to buy a whole bunch and spend a bunch of money on disposable ones, you can even feel pretty while you're wearing them! :) They're so cute!!!!
Even if no one else can see them! :)

Lets make some! :)

This pattern piece I originally got off Pinterest somewhere but idk where... so this isn't my original idea. I just tweaked it a little :)

The pattern piece is just slightly smaller than a cd, but I wanted the full size so I traced a cd onto cardstock and used that instead.

 so cut out 2 of your outside pieces :) (these will  be the outside and they wont be directly touching your boobs.
 lay out your template and cut as many as you can :) You will need 2 for 1 set (one for each boob :P)

once you have your outside fabric cut out its time to admire just how pretty they are and get a snack (if you're like me and forget to eat breakfast!)

 You need to use some kind of absorbent material to wick away the moisture so you wont get all clogged and engorged and all that. I use non pil fleece :) and you will need 2 layers for 1 pad. So 4 total for a set :)
 Remember the original pattern piece and how it had a v shape cut out? ok do that. you will need that so you can make the contoured shape of the nipple so it doesn't pucker and what not :)
 fold right sides together, like so and sew from the center out (you can go from the outside in, but I find everything lays better when you're sewing if you go from inside out)
See! not its not flat :) perfect! :) 
 there are 2 ways you can finish the edges... serge it like this or stitch around the outside edges and clip it with pinking sheers :)

 this is all the pieces stacked up :)
they kinda look like little pac man things :) nom nom! 

So go sew them up...
and viola! Go and make someones day!

I will be giving away these 5 sets to one of you lucky people! :)

How to win?

You have to subscribe to my blog either by email or reader or whatever your little heart desires, and put a comment in the comment section below :) I will pick a name out of a hat and then send the lucky winner an email you! :) so you need to confirm it, or I will pick a new one! :)
And you'll be out! :(

And if you want a better chance of winning, send a friend here to follow and have them tell me who sent them, and for every person you bring, I'll add your name in again!

The winner will receive a package with the 5 sets and my hearty thanks :) :)

So subscribe and comment!

(If your here from Pinterest you can do this too!)

Have a fabulous day!


  1. These are so cute! I wish I would've found this when you posted it! I'm all done with nursing pads now! :(

  2. These are great! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great idea to sew nursing pads rather than the disposable ones that leave tissue-like pieces all over your breasts....