Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cali Trip!! :)

Hey!!! Did you miss me?! Ya I din't think so lol :) 

Well we had a great trip and it was a blast but I'm very glad to be home :)

We went to the beach, bowling, The Creation Museum, and had a bonfire/game night with friends! :) It was a blast!!! :)

We played pit and catch a phrase when all the friends were over and had a bonfire with smores! It was a blast! :)

The Creation Museum was super cool! O and it was free! That was the best part :) they had 2 different "wings" of the museum. One side was explaining how the world came to be and what was created on each day and different things that backed up the Bible. It was super cool :) We really enjoyed that! It also talked about all these historical facts and had miniature models of like the ark, and the tower of babel :) And some on dinosaurs too :) it was awesome! and Also a little bit on why evolution is wrong and all that :) It was really cool :)

O and on the other "wing" was all about human anatomy and everything was blown up like a billion times :) It was cool :) Like all the cells and everything :) It was cool :) We really enjoyed it :)

And we walked on the beach and the pier and took pictures of stuff and it was fun :)

Also my mom has a photography business and she took pics of my and my hubby while we were out there :) wanna see? :) they were great! :)

O and obviously these are just a few of my favorites :)

anyway :) It was fun!!! :) We went to a Train Museum :) As you can see by all the trains :) lol 

Anyway I hope your week was great too :)

Have a fabulous day!

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