Friday, June 15, 2012

"All Things Baby" items for sale :)

I had an etsy shop but it was too expensive for me to have all my stuff up there so I'm gonna sell it all instead on here!!! :)
This is only some of the stuff I have and I'm constantly sewing more! LOL ;)

shorts - $3 
pants - $3 
Pleated dress pants - $3 
 bandana shorts - $3
Summer dress from mens shirt - $3
Jumper - $3 
toddler strappy shirt - $3 
Diaper clutch straps - $3 each 
 toddler skirt - $3
Argyle Toddler skirt with 2 matching headbands - $5 
 Black and grey 0-6 month skirt - $3
Green Swirl skirt 0-3 months - $3 
 White toddler skirt - $3
Brown tiered toddler skirt - $3 
newborn stripped sun skirt - $3 
Solid Brown skirt - $3
Zebra top brown toddler skirt - $3 
Zebra bottom Toddler skirt - $3 
Squares toddler skirt - $3 
 Grey and white 3-6 months skirt - $3

 Newborn grey and pink Diaper cover with bow - $3
Pink and brown toddler diaper cover - $5 
Grey and purple ruffle butt diaper cover toddler - $5 
Pink and grey bib and burpcloth set - $5 
owls bib and burpcloth set - $5 
 yellow and black bib and burpcloth set - $5
Basketball bib and burpcloth set - $5 
 set of 5 baby washcloths - $3
 Green and brown burp cloth - $2
 blue burp cloth - $2
 pink and black heart bib and burp cloth set - $5
Grey and pink butterfly bib and burp cloth set - $5 
 Grey and pink butterfly bib and burp cloth set - $5
 bib and burp cloth set from mens shirt - $5
Patchwork bib - $3 
set of green and brown bibs - $5 
Monogrammed Baby quilt - $10 

 pink and white houndstooth heart crib blanket - $15
pink and teal flannel swaddling blanket - $10
pink and grey flannel swaddling blanket - $10 
green blue and brown flannel swaddling blanket - $10 
Newborn baby girl set:
Reversible dress, matching diaper cover, shoes, headband, diaper clutch strap, bib, on the go changing pad - $30 
Diaper cover with headband - $7 
 Polka dot diaper cover - $5
 hearts diaper cover - $5
 crocheted newborn red and white shoes - $5
Crocheted Newborn Newsboy cap with removable grey headband - $5  
Set of 5 pairs of reusable nursing pads - $10 

All hair accessories are $3 unless otherwise stated
 yellow feathered flower clip
 green and gold hair clip
 red black and white feather clip
 pink cluster flower clip
 blue pink brown flower clip
orange and purple flower set - $5 
Double trouble orange flower&feather clips - $5
 pink flower and tule clip
yellow flower black button 
orange ruffle flower clip 
 purple white feather clip
red flower button clip 
black white neutral clip 
pink and white feather clip 
white and pink flower clip 
jumbo red and white flower clip 
 single purple and gold flower clip
 pink flower, white feather clip
 yellow and black feather clip
purple and white jumbo flower clip 
 jumbo yellow flower grey button
 black and grey felt, feather clip
 pink flower, white feather clip
 orange and black feather clip
newborn crocheted boy sandals - $5 
girl camo newborn crocheted shoes - $5 
newborn camo strap brown crocheted shoes - $5 
White newborn crocheted shoes - $3 
Grey newborn crocheted shoes - $5

Shipping will be $3 for individual items and if you bundle stuff I will get in contact with you to let ya know how much it will be :)

If you are interested in any of these items please leave me a message in the comment section below :)

all of these were made by myself :)

I enjoyed making them immensely! If you are looking for a custom something for your little one or for a friends, I'd be more than happy to make it for you! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a fabulous day!


  1. Hi, I was curious to know what fabrics you used for your super cute nursing pads?

    1. the inside absorbent stuff is anti pil fleece and the outside is just 100% cotton :)

  2. Black and gray newborn skirt still.available?

  3. hey is the newborn set available..? its the brown, orange, pink flowers..! for 30.!! im really interested....!!!!!!!!

  4. Yes it is!!! Sorry it took me so long to reply :/ new job :) yes it is! If you're still interested why don't you email me at :) thanks for your interest!