Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Perfect Homemade McDonalds Carmel Frappe Recipe!!!!

O yes you read that right! :)

A homemade McDonalds frappe recipe that actually tastes like the real thing!!! :)

Just look at this goodness! Are you drooling yet?!
These are your ingredients... Milk, some kind of instant coffee, latte, or in my case cappuccino powder, sugar, and some coffee ice cubes (the coffee ice cubes are made by just pouring freshly brewed coffee into an ice cube tray and freezing it :)

BTW, this makes a size medium drink (16oz)

so one scoop of the instant coffee powder...
then add the ice cubes (depending on how strong your coffee is brewed will determine how many cubes you use... here I'm using 4 cause its not as strong of coffee, usually I use only 3)
Add your sugar, This is optional... I usually only add like a TBSP or so. It doesn't need much :)
add the milk till it reaches just under the 16oz mark you can see the line here...

if not heres the line with my finger. the 16oz line is just above my finger nail
You don't fill it all the way to the 16 oz mark or when it blends up it will be over the 16oz mark and won't all fit into your cup!

*the cup is just one I wash out after every use that I bought from McDonalds*

then blend it all up!
pour it into your 16oz cup...
add whipped cream and carmel and you're done!

O doesn't that look great!!!! Go enjoy!

If you like the mocha instead of carmel, try adding chocolate milk instead of just regular milk, or add chocolate syrup when you're blending it to give the chocolate flavor!

If you're like me and completely addicted to Carmel Frappe's from McDonalds but can't afford to drop a couple bucks on every 1, then this is the perfect solution! I went through a lot of recipes before I found this one! :) it's delish!

Anyway leave a comment if you enjoyed this and have a fabulous day!


  1. Thank you! Thank you! I am hooked on these too! Thanks to you I can have whenever I want! ♡

  2. One ?? What is coffee powder.

  3. It's the cappuccino powder I believe.

  4. Yep! Love it! I added carmel topping also to the blend to make it sweeter. My only wish is that it would be colder, frozen temperature, like mcdonalds.

  5. But there is no caramel flavor in the drink...only on top! The mixture needs some caramel flavoring of some kind too doesn't it?

  6. What brand of coffee\cappuccino would u recomemd? Do u use reg. Icecream syrups or is there spec. coffee syrups? I def. am tryin ur recipe, keep u posted.

    1. Use Maxwell house vanilla caramel latte mix..that's what I use

  7. What is the measurement on the scoop your using? Like is it 2 tablespoons or more or less or what is it? Have you ever tried anything other than french vanilla in it? If so what? I'm sorry for all the ?'s I just really want to make them at home for me and my fiancee rather than spend $7.63 every morning. We have been buying frappes every morning for 2 1/2 years now spending the $7 and change everyday and it's OVER $200 a month so I have to figure out another way ya know? If at all possible could you send me a detailed list with measurements and brands to my e-mail @ Thank you!!!

  8. Yummmyyy!!!. Thanks for sharing !These r the besttt!!:)

  9. That looks just like this picture! But I think she stole your pic.

  10. What’s the coffee powder that you use in this recipe? And how much did you use?